How to Keep Calm and plan your Wedding

With the Royal Wedding today, I am pondering on whether Harry and Meghan had a stressful time with planning their nuptials or if for them it’s a breeze with many aides to help them plan their wedding day?

The lead up to the biggest day of your life can be incredibly daunting with emotions running really high. From a stressed out bride to be, a groom who doesn’t really mind whether or not you go with the favour cookies or personalised homemade jars of chutney, a MIL who really wants to sit next to Peter and not Jim….it really can be a minefield, so you need a plan in place to keep you cool, calm and in control. Stress and worry also impact on health particularly skin and hair – even more reason to tackle it proactively. Read on for my handy tips to ensure the big day arrives and you are relaxed and ready to enjoy it.

1: Keep organised. I would definitely recommend you keep a spreadsheet for your wedmin so that there are no nasty surprises in the few weeks before the wedding. You can keep a record of correspondence to suppliers and anything From RSVP’s, to contacts for the day. This is especially important if you are not having a planner to coordinate your day as you will need to delegate the responsibility to a bridesmaid or close friend so that that know who to call should anything go wrong.

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2: Don’t give in to bad habits. When the stress levels rise it’s easy to think that Gin is the answer! Take some deep breaths and deal with the situation rather than bury your head in pizza and wine – this won’t help and you will feel worse the next day, bloated, worried and unable to think productively. The best thing is to eat healthily and get some rest.

3: Breath. Yes, I know it sounds obvious but really!! Tap into the some of the technology that we have for example ‘Headspace’ which gives you exercise’s to do to breath and clear your mind. It’s very relaxing too!!

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4: Take yourself outside. This is one of my favourite things to do!! You will think more concisely and creatively in the elements. Doesn’t matter whether it’s sunny or snowing – get out there! When you walk really breathe deeply and take in all that’s around you, what can you see, smell, and feel? It really helps you connect and remember the bigger picture, its grounding and when you look up to the sky, you realise the perspective. Even better – if it’s lashing down with rain….TRY IT – there is something so liberating about getting soaked, coming back and having a lovely long bubble bath!

5: Write it down. If you are worried or overwhelmed get it down on paper, this helps to clear your mind and you can then calmly prioritise your list. Keep a notepad by your bed in case you wake in the night, it will help to relax you and then get back to sleep.

6: Make time for each other. Ensure that you are not talking about the wedding constantly with your partner, be considerate and remember to talk about other topics. I always advise that you plan beyond the day so that when it’s over you already have exciting things to look forward too.

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7: Delegate. You cannot do it all yourself, entrust your bridesmaids with tasks (after all this is expected and that’s why you have selected your closest pals to help!) Organise girls nights to make favours or address invites – this should be a fun process – YOUR GETTING MARRIED!!!

8: Deal with family conflict. There is always going to be someone who thinks they have the right to demand certain things on YOUR wedding day. Try to keep in mind that it is just that – yours. However, if there is a conflict, do not ignore it but get to the bottom of it and nip it in the bud quickly. You don’t want it left and bubbling away underneath potentially coming to a head on your day.

9: Hire a Wedding Planner. I happen to know a fantastic one! (Okay…..maybe I am slightly biased!) In all seriousness, their speciality is to take away the stress so you can relax and enjoy your day and the build up to it. They expertly deal with any hiccups and ensure that it all goes smoothly.

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10: Don’t forget the WHY. You are getting married to the love of your life and the wedding is the beginning of this exciting adventure for the two of you. Do try to not lose sight of this, and get caught up in the drama. It’s a magical, special time so enjoy it! Keep perspective and remember that the vows you say to each other are what this is all about.