As you can imagine, as a wedding planner I just ADORED the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, so much so I thought I would share some thought on trends that I think we will see following on from it.
The Dress
Queen Victoria started the tradition of wearing white for her wedding in 1840 and after a few years of different colours Meghan has bought back the classic white.
The silk Cady, chic and elegant gown was designed by Givenchy’s new artistic Director, Clare Waight Keller.
I think we will see a rise in stylish statement gowns and sleeves following the wedding. The style is classic and pared down compared to recent years of lace overload! The boat neckline is very flattering and creates a fabulous silhouette, and the sleeves just finish the elegant lines perfectly.
You could always add some detail such as a sparkly belt.
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The Tiara
Considering the tiara was made in 1932 (with a detachable brooch dating back to 1893) I think it’s clean lines and bandeau style bought a modern twist to the regal tiara. Teamed with the relaxed hair style it really made it relevant. As the Queen loaned it to the Duchess for her wedding, perhaps this was her something borrowed?
2019 is already showing a trend for very regal hairpieces as seen on the catwalks of the spring fashion shows.

The Veil
How impressive was the 16ft veil! Complimented the embellishment free dress and gave a real dreamy look. I really think that on your wedding day the veil just completes the look and let’s face it there is no other opportunity in life that you could wear one so why not a full cathedral length for the sheer drama. Meghan’s had flowers hand embroidered onto it, flowers from the 53 commonwealth countries.
I think the cathedral veil will feature heavily in 2019 weddings, teamed up with the regal tiaras but also with more relaxed hair styling giving some good options depending on your own style.

The Cake
I believe that Harry and Meghan are the first Royal couple to step away from the tradition of the fruit cake. It was a trend started again by Queen Victoria (she really was a trendsetter!!) The fruitcakes ingredients were symbols of wealth and prosperity.
But why not set a more modern trend – like Harry and Meghan have done with a beautiful spring cake of lemon and elderflower. I adore the way it was displayed on different levels and think we will be seeing more of the triple cakes with varying flavours, possibly different, flavours and sizes but still uniformed in design.

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The Bridal Party
Now those cute little munchkins are definitely on our bridal squad goals! From the cute moment of Princess Charlotte waving to the boy who photo bombed the picture, they all added sweetness and charm to the occasion.
So tap up all your friends little ones for your big day! I do however think it would be nice to have at least an MOH as well to help out and give you grown up support.

Brides Speech
How refreshing is this! Meghan’s speech was said to include publicly thanking the Prince of Wales for walking her down the aisle as the pair was really touched by the gesture, after her father had to pull out after some health problems. She is also said to have thanked the Royal family for taking her and her Mother Doria under their wing. She also used the opportunity to thank friends.
I think 2019 will pave the way for more Brides to deliver a heartfelt speech and I think it’s a lovely touch to thank your new family.

The Flowers
I mean WOW….that floral arch!! (Swoon) We have seen a rising trend this year of statement flowers and arches but this has elevated it to another level. The very classic white and green are as stunning as they are timeless. The arch contained white garden Roses, a favourite of the late Princess Diana. The bouquet itself was understated but I think it was perfect for the classic gown and overall look.
In 1840, Queen Victoria’s bouquet included a sprig of myrtle, symbolizing love and fertility. Since then, every royal bride has kept a sprig of the flower; Meghan and Harry were no exception to this tradition.
Myrtle is often considered the flower of love, marriage, and lasting fertility, so its appearance in a wedding bouquet is hardly unusual. But for royals, the evergreen woody shrub is sourced from a special place: Queen Victoria’s own 170-year-old garden. Victoria’s myrtle plant was given to her in the 1800s by the grandmother of her husband, Prince Albert.

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It’s is said that Harry handpicked some of the blooms from the palace garden, what a romantic lovely touch!!
Could we perhaps see a rise in more sentimental bouquets, with handpicked element from your H2H?

The food
Allegedly after the delicious sounding canapes, they opted for ‘bowl’ foods followed by sweet canapes, all sounds rather relaxed and fun! Sharing foods were tipped to be a trend for this year and this is almost an extension of that; the bowls are small that are designed to be eaten standing with a fork. Theirs included a pea and mint risotto, chicken fricassee and a slow roasted Windsor pork belly with apple compote and crackling (OH MY!!!) Whether or not The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stood up to eat theirs I’m not sure!!!
I think this will carry on through to next year, for a really relaxed vibe, perhaps with the rise of the sweet canapes for pudding! They had a selection of these including orange crème brulee tartlets and rhubarb and crumble tartlets; I mean what’s not to like? You can sample more delights than just one main pudding!

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Happy Planning!