You have put in a lot of hard work in planning your big day, wouldn’t it be lovely for someone to take the reins for the day and ensure that it is executed beautifully so that you can relax and have fun with your family and friends? 

Introducing our Service; our ‘On the Day Management Team’, bringing you the best in support to manage the day. This service is fantastic for large weddings and logistically challenging events. There will be a minimum of two managers in attendance for your day so that you have peace of mind that we can make even challenging problems disappear. We are in constant communication with each other using discreet talking devices.

We ensure that your carefully laid plans are executed flawlessly so that you have the most memorable stress free day. 




This Service May Include:

  • Contacting your venue and suppliers to make introductions and build a relationship prior to the big day. We will thoroughly review all of the contracts and ensure that everything has been thought of.
  • We will meet at your venue prior to the day to ensure that we are well versed with the logistics.
  • Create an in depth itinerary and call list for the day and ensure that all arrivals are taken care of and proceedings keep to time.
  • Discreet communication and problem solving on the day.
  • Assist guest arrival, seating, departure and general questions.
  • Assist with decor, styling and set up as required.
  • Be the main point of contacts for the day, for the bridal party and the venue.
  • Attendance from set up to close as required, terms and conditions apply.

– Your Specialist Team –

I offer a very relaxed yet organised approach when it comes to managing your day. My job isn’t finished until every task is complete, making sure I pay close attention to the couple to ensure that they feel completely relaxed on their wedding day. It is essential to me to have the experience to know what situations may arise when coordinating, and to know how to discreetly manage them.

I am thrilled to be partnering with Cassandra June as we make a phenomenal team, bringing you the Best of the Best in On the Day Management.


Lead Planner Assistant, Illy Elizabeth Weddings

As the only man in the team (it’s a tough job!) I am here to support where needed. With a natural aptitude for techy things, I help the team to solve these kinds of problems. I also like to think I bring the looks and humour ……..

With meticulous attention to detail and logistical knowledge, all together we make for a fantastic team to manage your day flawlessly.


Operational Lead, Cassandra June Weddings & Events

I am an experienced planner who thrives on a challenge and to think creatively, to solve and manage problems discreetly and efficiently.

It is often commented upon how I am still smiling at the end of a very long day, it’s quite simply because I love it – making your day truly special, with seamless precision, absolutely makes mine.


Lead Planner, Cassandra June Weddings & Events

On the Day Management Team pricing:

Two Member Team £1200

Three Member Team £1350