This is most definitely one of the most memorable and exciting times in your life – to propose or be proposed to….. Read my top tips to guide you in the right direction. To try and remember this is about you as a couple and what is right for one is not necessarily right for the other.

1: Consider your future in-laws and if it’s appropriate to ask permission. If not sure, I would do it anyway as it’s a lovely sentiment.

2: Think about the location for the proposal; try to be considerate of your other halves likes and dislikes. Also think about the element of surprise as if you do something completely out of the ordinary, they may twig somethings up! For example, if you both love walking…arrange a walk but with a surprise picnic.

Proposal planner wedding

3: Would you fiancé prefer to buy the ring together? It is a modern tradition and only you will know if s/he will be happy with what you decide. It may be a bit odd getting engaged without one, but you could maybe opt for a dress ring in the interim. Do stay within a manageable budget either way.

4: Consider the vibe for the proposal, romantic, adventurous, fun…..although don’t be daft, as it may not go down very well. This is such an exciting time, but of course, there is a serious sentiment behind it too.

Proposal planner wedding

5: Insurance. Do ensure that you have this in place AS SOON AS you purchase the ring.

6: I don’t know about you, but I am totally one of those people who put something ‘somewhere safe’ and then cant for the life of me remember where!! So make sure you don’t do that with the ring.

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7: Try to ensure that the run up to the big ask is as relaxed as possible……perhaps your fiancé is super stressed or going through a tough time it may be wise to rethink the timing.

8: Be authentic. After all, it’s you that they are saying ‘I will’ too so don’t be overly romantic ifs that not you or it will come across as insincere.

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