We have had a scorcher of a summer! Now that my face has stopped sliding off, I thought I would share some top tips for planning a summer wedding. If you have a wedding planned in September, we may well still be in for some hot weather, so read on as most of these tips can be implemented on short notice as well as forward planning for next year.

1: DRESS – If you are planning your wedding for next year or the year after; do think about the weight of your dress and also the groom’s attire and the rest of the bridal party. Especially if you are planning in the winter – it’s so easy to forget how hot it can get! Remember you can always layer up, but you can’t undo a wool suit or a duchess satin dress!!

2: THINK AHEAD – In the planning stages, if you are having a marquee, do ensure that it has a hot weather option such as rolling up the sides. Also, if you are having a transparent roof, be mindful where you are putting the dining and also the dance floor as it can get incredibly hot and you don’t want the floor -or indeed your guests- melting!

Marquee in formal gardens

Marquee in garden of venue

3: HAIR – Be sure to give extra time for your hair if it’s extremely humid, EPECIALLY if you have gorgeous curly locks. It can take longer to dry and style hair in humid conditions and you certainly don’t want frizz!

4: MAKEUP -Think about your makeup and discuss with your MUA, you will usually want more coverage for the photos, so think about air brush makeup and waterproof eye makeup.

Wedding day morning

5: WATER – Ensure that you and your bridal party keep well hydrated before the ceremony as there will be plenty of bubbles after! Add to that a very hot day and you run the risk of dehydration. Also, for your guests, think about putting a bottle of water under their chairs, or having jugs of water around the venue, you can be really creative to tempt them!  Lemon and thyme……mint and apple, rosemary and orange, give a hint of flavour but will also look really pretty.

Creative water summer wedding

6: SHADE – If you are having your ceremony outside do think about areas where your guests can get some shade, especially if you have elderly or very young. It’s likely that there will be a fair bit of hanging around prior to the ceremony and during. Consider a little gazebo with some lounge furniture for a chill out area. Or perhaps you could provide parasols – the traditional white lace or all different colours for a fun vibe, I think this could make for some really vibrant photos!

Summer wedding tips

7: DETAILS – Think of any little bits that your guests may forget; sun cream, bobbles, deodorant, face blotting tissues any little touches that you can put in a little basket in the bathrooms. You could also have flip flops for hot feet, ice pops or ice creams.

8: FANS- Consider putting pretty fans out or even the paper ones on your guest’s seats. You can get personalised ones or even have your order of service printed on it!! Also consider hiring in fans for the dance floor space. Remember to ensure that you have the power to run them.

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